Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lemme Sum it up:

July was/is a busy month with all sorts of happenings. Let's review what's gone down, and what we have to look forward to thus far....   
6 weeks pregnutz to 20 weeks

In babies news, my ever growing uterus is becoming quite the comfortable and sizable loft for my two beauties who are doing very well in their 20th week. I am finding myself really out of breath, huffing and puffing, and not too concerned about getting myself dressed or my face painted on for the day. The norm has become throwing on a pair of the Husband's boxers and a sports-bra, washing my face and brushing the teeth (a huge accomplishment lately), and waddling around the house attempting to pick up hard to reach objects off the floor. I have become obsessed with reading blogs and message boards of Moms of Multiples and freak myself out from time to time reading preemie stories and the like. I have discovered that the abundance of estrogen and pregnancy hormones isn't very pleasant without the remedy of wine, to my dismay. I have never wanted a Sangria so badly in my life and will be requesting a pitcher shortly after the delivery of these girls. I have developed more compassion than ever for our turtle Keith, whom I happen to have a lot in common with these days, as we lug around our heavy cargo and often collapse because of the load from time to time. 

Our household has been jam-packed with girls' nights, baking, house remodeling, and Sunday dinners. I am getting use to this whole "girls in the house" idea. I've discovered that little girls require a lot of attention, they like to bake, and they are already in the habit of verbally punking one another in power struggles, with a pleasant smile of course. It's been entertaining watching the little girls in this clan (cousins and friends) interact with one another. So fiesty and strong willed. It will be a big change in dynamics once Adeline and Aisley come this fall and even out the Boy vs. Girl teams here. Sis Princess Mouse Face has been hanging out with Auntie V at the dance studio and perfecting her spins and points. I am so thrilled to see her amazing progress in Ballet and Lyrical. She starts soccer this fall and I will be stoked to cheer her on in mom's ol' sport. (Yes, I live through my children.)

My sweet and stinky sons are becoming quite the helpers these days as they assist dad in getting the house ready for an abundance of children. They are in the middle of being toilet trained-the art of wiping the bathrooms with Clorox wipes and learning how to pee only in the toilet, not on or around it. They have also become very business-minded, capitalizing off the alcoholism of their uncles and Sunday Dinners by collecting beer cans for a profit.  They've been spending their time at the beach, perfecting their surfing, browning their bodies, and diffusing their energy.
 We are looking forward to a productive few weeks as we prepare for school, birthdays, sports, and babies. Stay Tuned...

P.S. : shout out to the Husband for serving me like the large, prolific queen that I am. For the back rubs, burgers, and promptly done Honey-Dos around the house. You are amazing.

 (the Husband did this-paint and clean, what a Stud----------->) 

Love to my best friend/sister Chae (pictured here, with our daughters. We're both knocked up with girls) for your support as we survive these summer months as incubators. I appreciate the coffee, encouragement, and time away with you. Thanks for helping me celebrate year number 29 this month, and for 25 years of fun and craziness being your friend. I can't wait for CABO and VEGAS!!!!! WHOOOOHOOOO, MOMS GONE WILD 2015!

Friday, June 20, 2014


So it's been a year or so since I last posted. I have all kinds of creative energy lately, both literally and metaphorically...allow me to explain. Remember back when I said the Husband and I had caught baby fever...well, we decided to get creative and create some more little humans. I am a bit extreme in my thinking  and  I reasoned with my Love that if we were going to try for one, we might as well have another shortly after. You see, we like to have them in batches. Anyone who has had kids back to back knows that while it may provoke occasional psychosis, having two little rascals so close in age has many benefits. For one, they grow up with a little partner and playmate, along with other perks. I think the benefits outweigh the cost in anti-anxiety meds for sure. So we set in our minds and hearts that we would pop out a few more... 6 months of practice later, score. I was with child and glowing. But, to my heart's discontent, the little bean did not stay with me for long. I lost the babe within the first few weeks of being pregnant.

I had already gotten used to the idea of being barefoot and pregnant and of course my heart was broken. My type A go-getting attitude didn't keep me on the bench for long though, in fact, I got back in the game before the coach even cleared me to play. 3 weeks later, I was pregnant again; this time, with two little beans! 15 weeks of nervousness and praying later, we discovered we would be welcoming two sweet little girls to the 4ACE Crew. We are beyond excited and shocked that we are girl makers. I thought for sure I'd have another couple of knuckle head boys. I love my little monsters but it will be nice to even the teams with a set of girls, and my Princess-butt Mouse Face sure appreciates getting some sisters. 

Here is a shot of the two beauties from our last encounter with them...
Adeline is waving at the camera. She seems like the wild one. She was blowing kisses in some other pics.  Little Aisley is covering her face and crossing her legs...cute and modest. 

 Here is a collage of my rapidly growing belly. I have a feeling I'm going to need to strap it up with support bands if I keep progressing like this. The 1st 14 weeks were torture. The babies were rebelling against me and throwing out all their food in a projectile, violent food fight each night. I was nauseous all day and still had to teach my students. I was put on bed-rest for a few weeks and not allowed to run or even walk! Whew, so glad that's over. I'm on to week 15 and some change. 24 weeks and 5 days to go! What an interesting experience this has been...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Where'd the time go?!

WHOA! September, October, where did you go?!

That was an extraordinarily swift start to fall. Let me catch you up....

Some major life events took place this September. After 10 years of marriage, my beloved and I can now see clearly...clearly enough to know we need God at the forefront to keep this bond strong and unbreakable. So, we did it. After much contemplation, soul searching, and a change in faith-direction we got married in the Catholic Church. It was amazing. I clung to each word spoken, each vow we made was more clear to me than ever before and I meant them with all my heart. It was as if I had been on this God ordained lesson plan...my husband as my class partner and the subject, love. We kept repeating the class because it wasn't making sense; we didn't understand how to work together; we couldn't comprehend the subject and components. We were too busy...too focused on the world around us instead of tuning in to the Great Teacher's voice.. You see, the first trip down the aisle, the Hub and I were babies in the flesh and babies in the faith. This time, we know exactly what love is all about and who we want to be as husband and wife, children of God, and followers of Christ. So as we embark on this faith journey, we do so with wisdom, discernment, and thankful hearts that God's plan for our lives prevailed.

In addition to the new covenant we made with one another before the Lord, we vowed to raise our children in the faith and had them baptized as well. Here are some pictures of the beauteous ceremony:

September also marked the start of training for the triple crown series of half-marathons for the upcoming year. I had a goal in mind of finishing a sub 2:00 run for the first run (Carlsbad, this January). With that in mind, I casually asked the sis-in-law (Dawn Juan) if she'd like to start running together...I had no idea that would throw me full-force into a training regimen that would drop my pace from a 9:50 to an average 8:00. AND drop my weight from a fluffy 145 to a fit 130. This lady is intense!!! She runs through trails like a white panther and her idea of taking it easy is a 8min/mile pace from Torrey Pines to Solana...I can't complain. I'm doing things I never thought I could. It feels good. 

 October was filled with Girl Time in Fancy restaurants, Football fun, trips to haunted graveyards, apple-bobbing, crafting, and beautiful Sundays with the ones the matter most. The cooler weather brought us close together as we cheered daddy on from the stadium and stuffed our faces with treats and bbq in the days the followed. It was a blast dressing in our finest Spook-faced attire, dining on authentic mexican cuisine and wandering the spooky graveyard. The cousins tested their skills each Sunday dinner as we crafted up delicious apples and cute creations. All in all, it's been an awesome fall. I have much to be Thankful for as I count the days to stuff my face with turkey this November. Til we meet again, I leave you with this...

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.~Colossians 3:15-17

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All Kinds of Crazy..

I am now entering my 3rd week of work and terribly missing my summers days of laziness. I wish I would have appreciated those days when I could do anything I wanted, my house was clean, and laying naked on my balcony to catch some sun was an option...

With all the craziness of planning lessons, feeding children, and cheering on my Coach Hub, I have found it hard to keep up with my running which is only contributing to the dimples on my buns as I stuff my face with cookies and bagels in the staff lounge :( I sound like a member of the Bitter Witch Club...I can admit that...this damn humid and suffocating heat only makes it worse. My once partially smooth face has erupted into a canvas of heat bumps and acne thanks to the glorious weather. In between my bitter spouts, I've found fleeting moments to enjoy myself. Here's what I'm up to:

I have the fattest crush on my fine-assed husband. This past Friday, I sat in the bleachers looking down on the field as he called plays and coached up his boys like a champ.  I feel a great season coming on and I can't wait for Friday night butterflies, a little chill in an October sky, pizza and beer to celebrate. 

The crazy sister Dawn-Juan has got me out running with her on the weekends. She makes me keep an ungodly pace as we put in 8 miles or so. I feel like death afterwards, but it hurts so good.

I'm hoping I can keep with it and finally complete the upcoming Triple Crown series.  

My darling friend Lo made her way back into town to show off her baby bump and spend time with her friends and family. I was blessed to enjoy her so eloquently prepared shower and take a few pics of the occasion:

Sparticus finally got to fish at the beach the other day. It was quite cute watching him bait the hook, throw it out, and wait patiently for a catch to no avail. He kept good spirits and was more excited than anything.

In random life event news: After being given the task to tutor a friend's son in Algebra, I remembered how much I hated math...then I decided to become a math teacher to teach other kids who hate math....so yes, you guessed it. I will be testing for a Math Credential this fall and hopefully on a high school campus soon educating neighborhoodlums near you :)... So I better get back to studying all this jazz. Thanks for tuning in.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goodbye July

So we say Goodbye to yet another busy month, and usher-in an even busier August. Here's a look back at our July adventures.

The month started off grande with my Beloved and I soaking in each others presence. We ventured off into the woods for some couples shots courtesy of my Moose Friend Chae. She caught some moments that capture the playfulness that envelopes our love for each other. Here are a few from the 100 she took....

Its been really nice having the summer off to enjoy a slower pace and downtime with my Turtle. We've had the opportunity to go on some hot dates, take an enriching faith & marriage class, and cut up the dance floor at the many weddings July had to offer. We've even caught a little baby fever...Who knows what the next year may bring. Maybe a new beauty or beast to add to the 4ACE crew.  

 Love was in the air all month as we went to wedding after wedding. Here is a shot of the kids at their auntie Racquel's wedding. It was a fun-filled night and a wedding that was fit for the magazines in grandeur. Atticus made a point to romance the older chicks by serving them Shirly Temples with a smile and catering to their needs. He is quite the catch ladies...his charm and massages are the result of a well trained boy.

In other news,the crew and I made sure to get plenty of Vitamin D on a daily basis, whether we were basking in the sun at the park, swimming with Papa Shawn at the pool, or enjoying the beautiful beaches...                                                                                                     

Char-pagne-in-the-brain turned 16 this month and invited the whole bunch to La Jolla Shores for an all day beach party and bonfire as the sun set. These kids are growing up wayyyyy too fast! I remember her in pigtails with all kinds of candy and treats in her little purse...now she wears her hair down, looks like a gorgeous young woman, still with all kinds of candy in her purse. 

 About mid-month, the cousin decided to bless me with his presence while on a school break. Now I have a roomate that understands my humor and will run with me whenever I ask. It's pretty awesome. We've been training at the stadium once a week. This rascal really kicks my butt, but the pay-off is awesome! Last week we ran a 7:46 mile. I haven't ran like that since I was forced to run the mile in 7th grade P.E....even then, I could only run a 7:49. Thanks cuz.

 July has also allowed plenty of opportunity to brush up on my photography. I'm still learning the mechanics of it all, but here are some pics from my summer sessions (4acephotography.blogspot.com)

That's all for now. Hoping for a great August in preparation of lots of big events!  Hasta Luego.