Friday, June 3, 2016

The twinsies turned 1! and I forgot to post :(

So way back in October, before exhaustion overtook me...before the coffee stopped working and I stopped sleeping normal hours, I threw a fun-filled Halloween Party for my sweet Hallo-Queenies. It. was. exhausting...I haven't been the same since....just kidding, it's not what broke this camel's back, but it was a lot!

So here is a photo-documentary of that special day for my sweet lovelies:

Two years later...

Wow! It's been a while. Let me tell ya, a lot goes down in a 2 year span. I could try to catch you up on all the deets, but I'll spare you and just give you a quick rundown of the current stats:

My life consists of 1 farm girl who now lives in Ramona (me)+1 hot and hard working husband+1 bro-in-law who lives in the house he built on to the compound in which we now live (1.6 acres of awesomeness, btw)+ 3 goats, 2 potbelly pigs, 7 hens, 2 roosters, 2 ducks, and 6 kids (the human kind)=a really great life. God is RAD! He really set me up nicely in just the right spot to make my soul content. Now, instead of living in a cookie cutter stress box as a suburbanite, I throw on the boots, grab a cold one, and go feed the critters on The Compound...or walk around and look at the nature that surrounds me.Life is good. This is the way it was meant to be. God knows. God is good. Take a peek:

 So here's a random thought that has nothing to do with the aforementioned...did you know I am part BOhemian?! Yes, my grandfather Kutach (Dad's side) was born in Bohemia. How rad is that?! that totally explains my gypsy spirit. Just a tidbit I found out about my history in these past two years. Anyway, that's all for now. I promise I won't let another two years pass until our next catch-up. Ta-Ta my darlings.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

6 weeks later

My Babies on the 1st Day of School
Sis' 1st day of Kindergarten
Disclosure: I don't have any humor left in me or creative energy to write. I am large, out of breath, and eager for the girls' safe arrival. It is my intention to document all my troubles so the twinsies can see what I was up to while growing them. So, I shall write.

Preface:  I'm coming to terms with my need to control things. After years of personal analysis, I have diagnosed myself with a slight need to control circumstances among other disorders.In my right mind, It makes me laugh to think I have much control over life circumstances, especially when kids are involved. They are unpredictable little creatures. And with the amount of children I currently have and am growing, my pursuits are even more laughable. So I started the school year with a plea to the Almighty to make things run smoothly. I asked Him...well, I told Him my plans hoping He in His mighty power would comply with my requests: Lord, I need the energy to start the year off right. I need to get my lesson plans and classroom organized. I need the twins to stay put until 36 weeks. Yes, right before Thanksgiving Break they can make their appearance. I need to keep going, going, going, getting things done Lord. Make it happen Boss...please.

In His wisdom, He responded....
Dear Rebellious and controlling Daughter of mine. While I am humored with your intentions to be the project manager for my plans in your life, let me go ahead and do as I see fit. For starters, your constant activity is making me, and your daughters, dizzy not to mention taking time away from our relationship. Your consumption of caffeinated beverages, walking 3 miles a day, and running your kids to various activities is not gonna work, sweetie. Therefore, I will place a dictator-like Perinatal Dr. and OB in your life to carry out my will. At your next appointment with them, they will warn you that you need to take it easy. Because I know you, and you will not take head to this advice, they will follow up with you 3 weeks later only to find out how stubborn you are. They will demand you go on leave for the safety of your babies and take you out of work, to your discontentment.

and so they did. I wasn't ready. I had just gotten in to the swing of things at work. I was falling in love with my students and on fire with plans for their development. Yes, the health of my babies is priority, but I was really upset and depressed over the matter. Things were not going as planned, but I complied...
2 days of sitting around on the couch, I was going insane! I had caught up on 3 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, spent 16 hours on Pinterest, studied a few chapters in the Bible on how to tame the tongue (these bossy doctors had me dropping F Bombs more than ever) and made a list of all the things I'd like to get done when I was allowed to waddle around. My baby Shower was just around the corner, at least I had that to look forward to....The Baby Shower was beautiful. My dear Moose Chae and the lovely Griffin Ladies threw a beautiful affair to prepare for our lovely ladies. They even set up a nice little area where I could sit and take it easy, with my feet up . We were so blessed by our friends and family. Only problem, I didn't take it easy. I didn't sit with my feet up. When I got home, I went straight to organizing, washing, and preparing for the girls. Check out some of my rad gear though (below)
Cute Seats for the Lovely Ladies
twinsies playpen, thanks Griffins!
His and Hers fully stocked diaper bags, so stoked.
Me and Momma

Anyway, 2 days later I had a visit with Dictator Doc. (I love her, but she's bossy). She noticed the girls seemed to be trying to venture out early. Dilation, Effacement, and contractions 10 minute apart. She shot me full of steroids (for lung maturation) and to the hospital I was sent. This time for 3DAYS!!!  The 1st night was awesome. I was fed,  bathed, and tended to often. Contractions dropped to 6 minutes  apart, which was a little scary being that I was only 29 weeks along, but the Magnisium drip and some other stuff seemed to do its job and settle down my rascally uterus. I had my good friend Chae there to entertain me, and I even got a min-bed fan!  The 2nd day was horrid. The nurses continued to poke and prod me, measure my pee, roll me around and strap me to the bed with various monitors. I missed my kids. I missed the Husband. I missed my bed. I was over it. Finally, the 3rd day came around and all looked well. The Doc came in and gave me the okay. I was outta there with no intention of coming back prematurely. I promised I'd behave myself and give these girls more time to grow.

the daily dose that kept my depression at bay

 Ok, so I got home and was on serious good behavior for 3 whole days! I felt pretty good about myself for being so obedient. The Husband was amazingly helpful in holding down the fort and serving my bed-ridden self. But how the hell does the world expect a mother of 4 to sit on her butt and watch her world go round when there's so much to be done?! I will comply and modify my activities because I want healthy babies. But I can't stay glued to the couch. It's  against my very nature.

 In other news: Marie Callendars was right in the middle of their annual pie sale. My mom suggested I plump up the girls in preparation for an early arrival, so of course, we stocked up on essentials. Thanks to Chae, who drove me around to run errands, and picked up the stuff that was located on high shelves while I hovered around on the go-cart at Vons. Also, thanks to the sis who pushed my wheel chair while I pushed the cart at Target.

Swapped my Latte for a Chai Tea because it felt like fall

nothing fits me anymore. 50lbs later and growing

Chae on a pie run, 28 weeks preg. with Estelle

I was doing something right, cause at my next visit Doc said the girls looked great! I had made it to 30 weeks and they seemed healthy and happy. Adeline, a cool 3.7lbs and Aisley, a healthy 3.11.  Look at those chubby cheeks! I predict she will be big bro Adrian's carbon-copy.

Aisley's chubby cheeks
Aisley has Big Bro's profile and chubby cheeks

Little Adeline has her momma's profile.

 Business as usual for the 4ACE Crew. Spartacus and Tator still rough- neckin' in hockey. Looking forward to next season on official teams.
Mouse face is kicking ball and butt in soccer
Mom and Dad, still being gluttons and going on dates

...lots of dates, to feed the twinsies of course.